Resource Links on Alternatives To Lawn Pesticides


Introduction to Organic Lawns and Yards (IOLY) - 2nd Edition

Northeast Organic Farming Association Organic Land Care Program (NOFA OLC) has published this beautiful, 52-page booklet especially for people new to organic landscaping. "The booklet gives gardeners an ecological framework for manageing landscapes with organic methods that nurture soil biology. The author's checklists simplify the processes for managing beautiful lawns which protect health and the environment." - Jay Feldman, Executive Director, Beyond Pesticides. Click here for the PDF version of the booklet. You can also visit NOFA OLC's storefront to order hardcopies of the booklet.



Organic Yards and Lawns Customer Brochure -  New Edition available now!

Information and resources for potential customers to cultivate a healthy, sustainable yard using natural processes and leaving out harmful chemicals. Includes a blank 'Contact Us' section to place your business information on the back of the brochure. Price: $35 for 50 brochures with your contact info added by sticker. Click here to view the brochure on NOFA OLC's storefront page.



General Articles

Organic Lawn Care Guide: For a Vital, Healthy, Safe, and Living Yard (Evan L Petee)

A Course in Growing Lawns Organically at Gallaudet (Washington Post, 5/6/04)

Pesticide-free ways to keep lawn, garden healthy(Toronto Star, 5/20/04)

Landscape Water Conservation: The Seven Principles of Xeriscape (by Curtis Smith, NMSU)

Xeriscaping for Everyone (by Marshall Glickman, Natural Home and Garden)

Water-Saving Tips For Your Lawn And Garden (pdf) (CMHC About Your House Facts Sheets)

How to Have A Beautiful Garden Without Treating Your Health Like Dirt (League of Women Voters)

Bio-Integral Resource Center's Directory of Least Toxic Products (BIRC)

Creating a Natural Backyard Habitat (National Wildlife Federation)

Materials were provided by members of the former National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns.