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Beyond Pesticides is interested in working with you to encourage your community to transition to organic. Our training program starts small, with two pilot sites, but often becomes the basis for broader change to land care practices throughout the entire community.

Sign up to be a Parks Advocate today to let us know you’re willing to speak with local leaders about the importance of this program.

As a Parks Advocate, you will play a pivotal role and we ask you to assist with the following activities:

  • Read and understand the basic requirements of the organic land care training program.
  • Connect with local leaders that have oversight over organic land care management in your community (such as board or council members, mayors, parks and rec officials, public works directors, and others) to inform them of the opportunity to join the program.
  • Encourage community leaders to apply for the program through Beyond Pesticides website. If local leaders need additional details, or would like to speak with Beyond Pesticides first to understand more, connect Beyond Pesticides directly with those local officials.
  • If your community is accepted into the program, we ask the Parks Advocates assist in watchdogging the program as it moves forward. Parks Advocates are encouraged to work with local leaders on choosing the pilot sites, ensuring deliverables (soil samples and questionnaire responses) are received in a timely manner, and are welcome to attend the formal trainings.
  • Help educate residents within the community of the benefits of the program, and the important steps the community is taking to protect public health, wildlife, and the wider environment.
  • Ensure that the Parks for a Sustainable program is received, reviewed. and implemented by local officials. Stay in touch with local officials and either connect them directly or encourage them to reach out to Beyond Pesticides or Osborne Organics for assistance moving forward.
  • Work with local leaders and Beyond Pesticides on next steps to expand the program to other public spaces in the community.

While Beyond Pesticides is happy to accept applications from any community, and will train communities without a dedicated Parks Advocate, experience has found that community leaders play a critical role in ensuring the long-term success of pilot sites.

Sign up to be a Parks Advocate today! 

As a collaborator with the Parks for a Sustainable Future program, and as a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a one-year “Community Advocate” membership to Beyond Pesticides. If your community is accepted, we’ll send you “Organic Landscape” signs you can use at the pilot sites (if allowed by the community) or display at your home or business. 

Questions? Please email Beyond Pesticides.

Municipal Officials: Find out how this program will benefit your community.