Have a Pest Problem?

This page is designed to help people who are visiting our website because they have unwanted insects, rodents and plants in their homes, yards and gardens. In addition, we also encourage you to read, Going Beyond Pesticides, an article which puts "pests" and pest management in perspective.

Looking for general pesticide information? Start here.

  • Find a Service Provider - Beyond Pesticides' Safety Source for Pest Management lists companies that offer less toxic and non-toxic means of managing unwanted critters and plants in your home, yard or garden.
  • Do It Yourself - Beyond Pesticides' ManageSafe™ page offers advice on solving your own pest problems without harming yourself, your family or pets.
  • Pesticide Gateway - Want the scoop on the health and environmental effects of commonly used pesticides? Take a look at our ChemWatch Factsheets.

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