Resources and Educational Materials

Make use of the resources below as you advocate to BEE Protective! Feel free to make copies and hand them out in your community!

BEE Protective includes a variety of educational materials to help encourage municipalities, campuses, and individual homeowners to adopt policies and practices that protect bees and other pollinators from harmful pesticide applications and create pesticide-free refuges for these beneficial organisms. In addition to scientific and regulatory information, BEE Protective also includes a model community pollinator resolution and a pollinator protection pledge. Pollinators are a vital part of our environment and a barometer for healthy ecosystems. Let's all do our part to BEE Protective of these critical species.

Overview of the Issues

  • No Longer a BIG Mystery- Beyond Pesticides new report summarizing the science behind bee declines. The document provides scientific evidence demonstrating that pesticides, especially the neonicotinoid class of insecticides have sub-lethal and chronic impacts on bee behavior, immune systems, and colony longevity.
  • Bees, Birds and Beneficials- An expanded look at the range of harmful impacts threatening pollinators and wildlife. Delve into the issue of systemics and genetic engineering-induced habitat loss. Read about the organic path forward that is needed to protect the natural world.

Organizing Materials

  • Sowing Seeds of Doubt - This factsheet addresses many of the common industry myths on pollinator decline.
  • A BEE Protective Update - From the federal level to local initiatives, read examples of actions that communities and organizations are taking across the country to protect pollinators.
  • Economic Value of Beekeeping - The dramatic decline of honey bees also has a significant impact the United States' agricultural economy. Learn about how the honey bee crisis could affect your food budget.






Building Bee Protective Habitat

  • Hedgerows for Biodiversity - Hedgerows provide important habitat for all kinds of organisms, supporting ecosystem balance. Learn about the benefits of hedgerows and how you can plant your own.


Avoiding Neonics




For Kids