Pollinator-Friendly Seeds and Nursery Directory Growing plants to protect managed and wild bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinators

Given that plant starts in many garden centers across the country are grown from seeds coated with bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides, or drenched with them, Beyond Pesticides has compiled a comprehensive directory of companies and organizations that sell organic seeds and plants to the general public. Included in this directory are seeds for vegetables, flowers, and herbs, as well as living plants and seedlings. Specific questions on each seller's seeds can be directed to their customer service line.

As bees suffer serious declines in their populations, we urge people and communities to plant habitat that supports pollinator populations, and have provided information to facilitate this in our BEE Protective Habitat Guide. However, plants are too often grown with hazardous pesticides that either harm pollinators in their cultivation or threaten bees as they pollinate or forage on treated plants.

A note about untreated seeds: Although many seed companies indicate that they sell untreated seeds, Beyond Pesticides encourages supporters to avoid purchasing these products. While untreated seeds surely are a step in the right direction, they do not ensure that the seed production practices are protective of bees or that residual chemicals do not contaminate the plant.

Download the handy bi-fold brochure version of this directory that you can print and take with you! If you know of a company that is not on this list, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]!

Companies that Grow and Distribute Organic Seeds

Company Location/Region Contact Type of Seeds Seedlings/Plants Supplier
Adaptive Seed Pacific Northwest, Oregon 541-367-1105 Certified organic since early summer 2013 /rare and heritage varieties, mostly adapted to the Pacific Northwest & other short season northern climates Yes, but only seed garlic  
All Good Things Organic Seeds California 805-705-9550 Certified organic - variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds Seedlings are only available for people in the area (Southern California); they aren't available for shipping Not all seeds are from their farm; some are sourced from other farms and growers
Annie's Heirloom Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in Michigan 1-800-313-9140 Organic Seed section - certified organic (vegetables, flowers & herbs) No, just sweet potato slips Rare varieties are grown on their farms, other seeds come from small farmers in U.S. and some from Europe
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Accross the U.S., headquartered in Missouri 417-924-8917 Untreated seed selection - some seeds growth organically, other conventionally. Not a certified seed packing operation so no needs are labeled organic. No  
Blue River Hybrids Across the U.S., headquartered in Iowa 515-233-3090 Certified organic - grown especially for organic farmers (organic seed corn, organic soybeans and organic forages) No seedlings/no live plants This company supplies their own organic seed to more than 100 dealers and distributors across the United States
Botanical Interests Across the U.S., headquartered in Colorado 303-410-1677 Supplies organic flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. Online or catalog ordering. No seedlings/no live plants Company does not grow own seeds, but gets organic supply from other farmers and suppliers
Burpee Across the U.S., headquartered in Pennsylvania 1 (800) 888-1447 Organic vegetables and herbs Not typically Sells both certified organic as well as conventional seeds - be sure to check before purchase
Fedco Across the U.S., headquartered in Maine 207-426-9900 A wide variety of organic seeds, herbs, Ships trees and perennial plants only in the spring, ships onion sets only in April and May. Seeds come from a variety of sources, locally and otherwise
Fruition Seeds Seeds regionally adaopted to the Northeast U.S., headquartered in New York (585) 374-8903 Wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers No seedlings  
GoodWin Creek Gardens Oregon 1 (800) 846.7359 Specializes in herbs, everlasting flowers, plants for humming birds and butterflies, and pelargoniums. Their collection of 100 lavenders is one of the largest offerings by a mail order nursery. Shipped via UPS or priority mail. Ship throughout the year. Sells certified organic (unless noted)
Grow Organic Grass Valley, CA 888-784-1722 Vegetables and Flowers  No seedlings  Organic

Gurney's Seed & Nursery Co.

Greendale, IN 812-260-2153 Organic Vegetables No seedlings Organic vegetable seeds (may have some conventional seeds)
Harris Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in New York 800-544-7938 Vegetable, herb and flower seeds, perennial with untreated, treated and organic options Yes, some organic plugs available Everything is sourced from outside vendors, not all items are organic, check before purchasing
High Mowing Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in Vermont 802-472-6174 Supplies organic vegetable, herb, flower, and cover crop seeds No seedlings/no live plants Most seeds produced on their farm in Vermont, but also works closely with a network of local growers and across the U.S.
Horizon Herbs Across the U.S., headquartered in Oregon 541-846-6704 Medicinal and culinary herbs, some vegetables and cover crops Yes, some plants available Most seeds are their own, but they do get some from trusted growers; all plants grown are their own
Hudson Valley Seed Library Across the U.S., headquartered in New York 845-204-8769 heirloom and open pollinated (vegetable, flower and herb seeds) Certified organic farm and Certified organic handler No seedlings, generally, but they do sell them once a year in May Sells both certified organic as well as conventional seeds - be sure to check before purchase
Johnny's Selected Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in Maine 877-564-6697 Organic farm seeds and cover crops, organic flowers, organic fruit, organic herb seeds and plants, organic vegetables Not typically; they do offer plugs and other perishables such as blueberry bushes and strawberry plants, asparagus crowns, seed potatoes, and onion plants; some of the seed potatoes are organic as well as some of the plugs Company offers expanded selection of organic seeds, plants and supplies each year, however not all products are organic - look for the OG symbol following the items name
NE Seeds Hartford, CT 800-825-5477 Vegetable, Herbs and Flowers No seedlings Organic and convential seeds; make sure to ask
Nichols Garden Nursery Across the U.S. headquartered in Oregon 800-422-3985 both conventional and organic seeds(flowers, herbs, and vegetable seeds) No Company adheres to the Safe Seed - they pledge not to buy or sell GMO seeds or plants.
Peaceful Valley Farm (GrowOrganic) Across the U.S., headquartered in California (888) 784-1722 Organic vegetable seeds, heirloom seeds, cereal seeds etc. Yes, but they aren't shipped, only available in their nursery  
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Across the U.S., headquartered in Maine 1-207-926-3400 Both conventional and organic vegetable seeds, as well as teas and spices   Not all varieties are organic, check first
Renee's Garden Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in California 1-888-880-7228 Supplies organic seeds (vegetables, flowers, and herbs) No Sells both certified organic as well as conventional seeds - be sure to check before purchase
Sand Hill Preservation Center Across the U.S., headquartered in Iowa 563-246-2299 Organic vegetable, herbs, grains and flower seeds Yes, but only sweet potato slips Grows over 90% of seeds listed, part of farm is certified organic. Look for OG after the price of seeds for organic items
Seeds of Change Across the U.S., headquartered in California 888-762-7333 Supplies organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, as well as organic live plants Yes Company grows 100% of their seeds organically, with their own certified research facilities and through their own unique network of certified farms
Seeds Trust Southwest and high altitude climates, headquartered in Colorado 720-335-3436 organic vegetable, native wildfloer, native grass, and medicinal herb seeds - certified naturally grown No seedlings/no live plants Not all varieties are organic, check first
Seven Springs Farm Nationally, based in Virginia 800-540-9181 100% organic cover crop seed No live plants  
Siskiyou Seeds Williams, OR 541-846-9233 Vegetable, Flowers, Herbs, and Heirlooms No seedlings Organic, non-GMO, open-pollinated, and heirloom seeds
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Across the U.S., with particular focus in the Southeast, headquartered in Virginia 540-894-9480 Offers over 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain, and cover crop organic seeds. Catalog-based business. Supplies retail locations in multiple states Yes, seed potatoes and sweet potato slips, seed garlic and onions are sold certified organic or ecologically grown Company grows own seed but also gets seed from many small farmers, which is about 45% of their varieties. The rest is bought wholesale, mostly from US companies but also from Canada and Israel
Sustainable Seed Company Across the U.S., headquartered in California 707-703-1242 Sells a wide variety of organic and heirloom vegetable and melon seeds. Also supplies flower, tobacco, herb, and grain seeds, as well as specialized seed products for poultry feed, etc. Also supports saving of seed catalogs as containing valuable seed information. Online orders. No live plants except garlic and potatoes Vegetable seed farm is certified organic, also sources fron network of organic farmers
Territorial Seed Co Across the U.S., headquartered in Oregon 800-626-0866 Sells certfied organic fruit, vegetable and herb seeds. Plants are not certified organic Sells both certified organic as well as conventional seeds - be sure to check before purchase!
Terrior Seeds Across the US, Canada and Internationally(must inquire direcly about pricing), headquartered in Arizona 888-878-5247 Sells heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds.   Company adheres to the Safe Seed - they pledge not to buy or sell GMO seeds or plants.
Tomato Fest Across the U.S., headquartered in California [email protected] Certified organic heirloom tomato seeds.   Grows and harvests their own Certified Organic heirloom tomato seeds by hand
The Living Seed Company Across the US, headquartered in California


[email protected]

Certified organic and heirloom seeds.  No seedlings/live plants The Living Seed Company grows 20% - 25% of their seed and the rest are sourced from farmers, mostly found in California and Oregon.
Uprising Seeds Across the U.S., headquartered in Washington 360-778-3749 All seeds are certified organic. No seedlings/live plants The majority of seeds grown at company's own farm, Uprising Organics in Acme, WA and isolation plots throughout the county. Others are sourced from a network of organic family farms in Washington, Oregon, N. CA and Idaho
Urban Farmer Westfield, IN 1-317-600-2807 Vegetables, fruits and herbs No seedlings Organic seeds section (may have some conventional seeds make sure to ask)
Wild Garden Seed Pacific Northwest; headquartered in Oregon, but also sells across the U.S. 541- 929-4068 Certified organic (vegetables, herbs)   All seeds are Organically Grown at Gathering Together Farm
Wood Prairie Farm Across the U.S., headquartered in Maine 1-800-829-9765 All seeds are certified organic. No seedlings/no live plants A small Certified Organic family farm in the State of Maine that market their own products, as well as organic products from their friends

Companies and Nurseries that Sell Organic Seedlings and Plants

This list is an ongoing project. We began searching for organic nurseries in our own backyard, in Washington, DC, and inquired whether they had organic plants, and who supplied them if they did not grow them themselves. A lot of the local nurseries grow their own, but there are a few that get their seedlings from bigger wholesalers, or from organic farms in the region. As we continue to grow this list, we encourage you to ask your local nurseries if they grow or provide organic plants.

Plant Distributors Location/


What type of seedlings/plants


Brightflower Farm Illinois [email protected] www.brightflowerfarm.com    
Crimson Sage Nursery California 530-627-3065 www.crimson-sage.com    
Native Springs Nursery California 530-774-4363 (c) www.nativespringsnursery.com All organic, no starter plants National
The Natural Gardening Company California 707-766-9303 www.naturalgardening.com    
NatureLee Inpired Oregon

[email protected]


Monarch Sanctuary/Pollinator Demo Gardens/ Milkweed and other Pollinator Friendly Host and Nectar Plants

Rolling River Nursery California 530-627-3120 www.rollingrivernursery.com Organic tree seedlings National
Walden Heights Nursery and Orchard Vermont 802-563-3012 www.waldenheightsnursery.com    
Whose Organics Wisconsin 608-217-4698 www.whoseorganics.com Holiday trees. Fraser Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce and Scotch pine. Call for "Cut Your Own" dates. Regional
Heath's Greenhouse & Nursery Vermont




Seedlings, Potted Plants, Fruit Stock & Eggs