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Beyond Pesticides- our publications, comments, and factsheets on organic food and agriculture
Legislation- full text organic legislation and standards
Scientific research- studies on health, environment, and nutrition related to organics
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Beyond Pesticides Publications

Video and Podcasts

The Food Sleuth (May 17, 2010) Beyond Pesticides executive director Jay Feldman is interviewed by "Food Sleuth" journalist and radio host Melinda Hemmelgarn

Selected Articles from Pesticides and You (full issues of Pesticides and Youavailable also)

Climate Change and Plant Biology: Impacts of elevated temperature and carbon dioxide on agriculture and beyond by Lewis Ziska, Ph.D. (Spring 2007)

The Organic Farming Response to Climate Change: One of the most powerful tools in fighting global warming sequesters atmospheric carbon, data suggests a new worldwide urgency for the transition from chemical to organic agriculture by Paul Hepperly, Ph.D. (Spring 2007)

The Future of Organics: Organic values, farmer enthusiasm, rural development and consumer leadership by George Siemon (Winter 2006-2007)

School Lunches Go Organic: Science supports growing movement (Spring 2006)

Local Mom Organizes for Organic School Lunches
: An interview with Vanessa Ruddy, Olympia, Washington (Spring 2006)

Open Letter to the Organic Community: On passage of changes to organic law and organic integrity (Winter 2005-2006)

In the Words of Arthur Harvey
(Winter 2005-2006)

Court Weighs in on Organic Integrity: The organic label gets a check up (Summer 2005)

The Organic School Garden: Hands-on teaching of environmental health values (Winter 2004-2005)

Getting the Dirt on Good Soil By Hendrikus Schraven (Winter 2003-2004)

Oppression and Farmworker Health in a Global Economy By Baldemar Velasquez (Fall 2003)

Resources: Studies Show Benefits of Eating Organic
(Spring 2003)

Planning for Planting: how to plan your organic garden (Spring 2001)

Cultivating the Community: New York’s urban organic gardens (Spring 2000)

What Is It About the National Organic Program that Has Dan Glickman So Uptight? by Steve Sprinkel (Winter 1997-98)

Undermining Organic by Claire Cummings (Winter 1997-98)

Proposals That Violate the Law have Deep Roots (Winter 1997-98)

From Where We Stand: the views of farmers, consumers, environmentalists, scientists, and the chemically sensitive (Winter 1997-98)

Building a Public Record that Counts by Richard Lance Christie (Winter 1997-98)
Congressional Views on Proposed Rule (Winter 1997-98)

A Report from the Front Lines by Steve Sprinkel (Winter 1997-98)

Beyond Pesticides Comments on Organics

Beyond Pesticides statement to NOSB on the importance of inerts (April 2004)

Genetically Modified BT Crops Reassessment (September 10, 2001)

Organic Rule (June 9, 2000)

Beyond Pesticides Fact Sheets on Organic Issues

Compost is the Key (Fall 2007)

USDA Organic Labeling fact sheet (from USDA)

Planning for Planting: how to plan your organic garden (Spring 2001)

How to get access to organic food-economically(through a buying club) by Terry Shistar

Alternatives Fact Sheets: fact sheets for non-toxic control of household and garden pests

Organic Certification of Vegetable Operations by Jim Riddle

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Legislation (for explanation, please see history of USDA organic standards)

Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990 (full text)

National Organic Standards (USDA)

National Organic Standards Board

Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA)

Farm Bills (1933-2008)

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Scientific Research


Promoting Sustainable Food Systems through Organic Agriculture: Past, Present and Future
Christine McCullum-Gómez, PhD, RD, LD, Food and Nutrition Consultant and Jim Riddle (2009)

New Evidence Confirms the Nutritional Superiority of Plant-Based Organic Foods
Charles Benbrook, Xin Zhao, Jaime Yáñez, Neal Davies and Preston Andrews (March 2008)

Organic Diets Significantly Lower Children's Dietary Exposure to Organophosphorus Pesticides
Chensheng Lu, Kathryn Toepel, Rene Irish, Richard A. Fenske, Dana B. Barr, and Roberto Bravo (2006)

Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure of Urban and Suburban Preschool Children with Organic and Conventional Diets
Cynthia L. Curl, Richard A. Fenske, Kai Elgethun (March 2003)

Fields of Poison 2002: California Farm Workers and Pesticides
Pesticide Action Network (2002)

Cancer Incidence in the United Farmworkers of America (UFW), 1987-1997
United Farm Workers


Can Organic Amendments Improve Soil Physical Characteristics and Increase Maize Performances in Contrasting Soil Water Regimes?

Sisouvanh, Phimmasone, Vidhaya Trelo-ges, Supat Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, Alain Pierret, Naoise Nunan, Norbert Silvera, Khampaseuth Xayyathip, and Christian Hartmann. (2021)

Short‐term effects of selected organic fertilizer sources on carbon dioxide fluxes and soil quality.

Thandile Mdlambuzi, Mitsuru Tsubo, and Pardon Muchaonyerwa. (2021)

Widespread occurrence of pesticides in organically managed agricultural soils—the ghost of a conventional agricultural past?

Judith Riedo, Felix E. Wettstein, Andrea Rösch, Chantal Herzog, Samiran Banerjee, Lucie Büchi, Raphaël Charles et al. Environmental Science & Technology (2021)

Pesticide Residues and Their Metabolites in Grapes and Wines from Conventional and Organic Farming System.

Dana Schusterova, Jana Hajslova, Vladimir Kocourek, and Jana Pulkrabova. Foods (2021)

Organic food and health.

Pawel Gibowski. Roczniki Państwowego Zakładu Higieny (2020)

Organic management promotes natural pest control through altered plant resistance to insects.

Robert Blundell, Jennifer E. Schmidt, Alexandria Igwe, Andrea L. Cheung, Rachel L. Vannette, Amélie CM Gaudin, and Clare L. Casteel. Nature plants (2020)

Crop yield, weed cover and ecosystem multifunctionality are not affected by the duration of organic management.

Chantal Herzog, Adrian Honegger, Django Hegglin, Raphaël Wittwer, Anne de Ferron, Erik Verbruggen, Philippe Jeanneret, Michael Schloter, Samiran Banerjee, and Marcel GA van der Heijden. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment (2019)

Regenerative 21st Century Farming: A Solution to Global Warming
Timothy J. LaSalle and Paul Hepperly, Rodale Institute (2008)

Organic agriculture and the global food supply
Catherine Badgley, Jeremy Moghtader, Eileen Quintero, Emily Zakem, M. Jahi Chappell,
Katia Avile´s-Va´zquez, Andrea Samulon and Ivette Perfecto (2006)

Organic and Conventional Farming Systems: Environmental and Economic Issues
David Pimentel, Paul Hepperly, James Hanson, Rita Seidel and David Douds (2005)

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compiled by Jim Riddle at the University of Minnesota

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Small Farm Resources

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association: Marketing Resources for Growers

Growing for Market

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture - Small-Scale Organics: A Guidebook for the Non-certified Organic Grower

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service - Chatham County Center: Organic Certification Guide

The Land Connection

Virginia Association for Biological Farming


Organic Materials Review Institute

Wild Farm Alliance: Biodiversity Compliance Assessment Tools