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Take Action: Tell the Biden USDA and Congress to Protect COVID relief for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Military Veteran Farmers!
January 19, 2021
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We Honor Martin Luther King Today
January 18, 2021
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Millions of People Drinking Groundwater with Pesticides or Pesticide Degradates
January 15, 2021
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Tell President-Elect Biden and Congress to Clean Up at EPA—End the Era of Corporate Deception
Clean up the corruption of science at EPA and set a moratorium on future pesticide registrations—until the agency can assure the public that the chemical manufacturers’ science supporting pesticide registrations is not corrupt.
Secure Your Food and the Future of Local Organic Farmers
Ask your U.S. Senators and Representatives to make permanent support for small and medium sized local farmers, building on the Emergency Coronavirus Relief Package.
Stop EPA from Limiting State Pesticide Restrictions
The toxic herbicide dicamba is again at the center of a larger story about states’ authority to regulate pesticides more stringently than federal dictates and a response to corporate corruption in the marketing of pesticide products.
Open Letter to Biden-Appointed USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
Vilsack must meet Biden's challenge for transformational change, sustainable land management, distribution of resources and access to land, food security, protection of human and ecosystem health, and climate.

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