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Pesticide Use on Island Resorts Tied to Biodiversity Collapse
December 8, 2021
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One Single Neonic Exposure Saps Wild Pollinator's Ability to Reproduce
December 7, 2021
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Bug Bombs, Prone to Exploding, Are Target of Legislation to Ban Their Use
December 6, 2021
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Degenerative Lung Diseases Associated with Atrazine Exposure, Worsened in Combination with Common Cancer Treatment
December 3, 2021

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Ban Bug Bombs: They’re Toxic and They Don’t Work
Bug bombs are not killing cockroaches...they’re not putting pesticides in places where cockroaches are and they’re increasing pesticide levels in the home. Urge your Governor to ban bug bombs in your state!
Stop the Poisoning of the Farallon Islands in California
Tell the California Coastal Commission to deny the proposed aerial dispersal of the highly toxic rodenticide brodifacoum on the Farallon Islands.
Document and Preserve Biodiversity—Become a Citizen Scientist
It's time for backyard bird counts. Pledge your organic and pollinator-friendly acreage and sign the Pesticide-Free Declaration!
USDA Should Fight Childhood Obesity Through Organic School Lunches
Tell USDA's Food and Nutrition Service to require organic school lunches.

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