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>>Tell EPA to Quit Pushing Toxic Solutions, Especially in Schools

A high percentage of the disinfectants approved by EPA for use against coronavirus contain quaternary ammonia compounds (quats). EPA's approved list is used by schools and other institutions—unfortunately, without guidance for avoiding harmful effects. Quats are very toxic. >>Tell the EPA and Congress that EPA must not recommend toxic disinfectants without the context of their damaging impacts and other necessary protective measures.

>>Stop Continued Degradation of Science: Tell Congress to Insist that EPA Thoroughly Test All Pesticides for Health Hazards

EPA is proposing to drop toxicity tests that look at lethal effects of acute exposures to pesticides through the skin. Given pesticide exposure patterns, this represents a dramatic step backwards in determining the harmful effects of pesticide products on the market and in wide use. Reducing toxicity testing must take place only with the use of the precautionary principle. Take action now!



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