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Tell USDA to Ensure that Organic Farming Protects Ecosystems!
August 2, 2021
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Commentary: Will Playing Fields, Parks, and Lawns Be Safe After Glyphosate in Roundup Residential Use Ends in 2023?
July 30, 2021
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Pesticides and Other Volatile Chemicals Cause Air Pollution Linked to Premature Deaths
July 29, 2021
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296 Chemicals in Consumer Products Increase Breast Cancer Risk Through Hormone (Endocrine) Disruption
July 28, 2021

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Schools Must Provide and Encourage Organic Food
Pesticides cause great damage to kids' developing organs. Tell your governor and USDA/Food and Nutrition Service to provide organic school lunches and information for parents.
Tell Your Congressional Reps to Cosponsor Saving America's Pollinator Act
Suspend the use of neonics and other pesticides harmful to bees and other pollinators until an independent board of experts determines if they safe.
Are Big Dairies Undercutting Organic Milk Producers and Organic Integrity—and What Can We Do About It?
A new proposed rule on the “origin of livestock” is intended to undo nearly two decades of regulatory failure by the USDA. Public Comment Period Ends July 12, 11:59pm (EDT).
Tell EPA to Ban All Triazines
Endocrine-disrupting propazine is set for cancellation by EPA. All pesticides in the triazine class, including atrazine and simazine, have similar properties and should be eliminated from use.

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