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Hazardous Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticides Subject of Lawsuit Against EPA
January 19, 2022
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Chemical Exposure Monitoring Documents Widespread Pesticide Exposure to People and Pets
January 18, 2022
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Words, “All life is interrelated,” and His Legacy Are Honored on MLK Day, Monday, Jan. 17
January 14, 2022
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Insects in Nature Preserves Contaminated with Over a Dozen Pesticides
January 13, 2022

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Tell the Senate to Pass Voting Rights Legislation Now!
Voter suppression targets the same marginalized communities impacted by environmental racism.
Ask Congress to Push for Oversight of USDA’s Dishonest Disclosure of GE Food Ingredients
USDA is undermining full public disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients in our food through misrepresentation in labeling and a definition that allows many ingredients to go undisclosed.
Tell the Senate: The Pesticide Law Needs Real Reform
Urge your Senators to co-sponsor Protect America's Children from Toxic Pesticides Act of 2021 (PACTPA) and reforms to the toxic core of FIFRA.
EPA Needs to Make Environmental Justice Connections
EPA still fails to make connections that could help protect against poisoning of workers, fenceline communities, and others. Tell EPA to truly integrate environmental justice into all EPA programs.

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