Municipal Officials

Natural land care is becoming increasingly popular at the local level, with more and more communities looking to employ practices that protect workers, public health, pets, pollinators, and unique local environments that can be harmed by unnecessary pesticide use. At the same time, community leaders are increasingly challenged with staffing constraints and tight budgets. Beyond Pesticides’ Parks for a Sustainable Future program aims to bridge these gaps, allowing communities to pilot the transition to organic land care on two public sites.

Program pilot sites provide local land care officials the time needed to dial in new practices and work out any unexpected factors that may impede the move from conventional to organic land care.  They send a message to residents that the community is taking meaningful action to protect their health and environment, and are a lower cost to community coffers than a rapid, full-scale transition to organic land care that local pesticide reform policies are increasingly requiring. 

Please email or call Beyond Pesticides at 202-543-5450 to get started.

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