Pesticide-Free Lawn Door Hangers


It’s not always easy to talk to people about pesticides. It can be especially difficult when you're reminded of it just at those moments when the neighbor has a sprayer in her hand, or the ChemLawn truck has arrived at his house.

The Safe Lawn Door Hanger helps concerned neighbors spread the word about lawn pesticides and alternatives with minimal confrontation. It can be used as an icebreaker for such conversations, or just hung on the the front door (or other visible spot) of the homes you know or suspect use pesticides. The information on the hanger provides helpful resources on safe lawn care in every region of the country. If you'd like additional help talking to your neighbors about pesticides, see Beyond Pesticides' article, "Getting the Message Across."

Ordering hard copies: The first 25 door hangers are free! (We do ask for a donation to cover postage.)

• To order up to 25 door hangers, send an email with your address and number of hangers you would like to [email protected].

• For more than 25, you can order online, or send a check and a note specifying the number you would like to:
Beyond Pesticides, 701 E Street SE #200, Washington, DC 20003, or call 1.202.543.5450.

First 25 are free  •  50 for $10.50*  •  75 for $21*  •  100 for $31.50*  •  500 for $200*

(*cost does not include shipping.  Just send us an email to [email protected] to note the request for a free pack of 25 with your order)

Order online here

Download a PDF version:
Medium resolution PDF (360 Kb, good quality)
High resolution PDF (1.2 Mb, excellent quality)

Already have a door-hanger? Get information on pesticide-free lawns and landscapes.