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A Well-Stocked Hardware Store

To assist local garden centers and hardware stores in transitioning their customers to holistic lawn care practices, Beyond Pesticides has crafted the “Well-Stocked Hardware Store,” which provides the products and tools necessary to support a move to healthy, organic landscapes. This guide fits in with Beyond Pesticides’ Model Pesticide Policy and Implementation Plan for Communities, but can be used independently for hardware stores looking to encourage the use of products and practices that protect the health of their customers, community, and the wider environment.


Informational Materials:

In order to orient customers towards an organic approach, it’s important to educate them on the steps necessary for a successful changeover. Hardware stores should provide both basic fact sheets on lawn care maintenance as well as more in-depth documents for those transitioning and establishing a new organic lawn.

Basic Lawn Care Documents:
Organic Lawn Care 101: Easy to follow steps on how to prime your customers lawn to go organic!
Simple Guide to Creating a Healthy Lawn: Learn about the conditions promoting weeds and how they can be corrected.

In-Depth Lawn Care Documents
Establishing Sustainable Lawns: Get customers into the details of how to transition a toxic lawn to organic practices. This document, helpful for both homeowners and practitioners, walks through how to choose the right grass seed and prepare your site for organic practices. Also provides ideas for alternative landscapes, as grass may not be the most appropriate plant for your situation.

Maintaining Sustainable Lawns: Keep your organic lawn looking healthy all year round. This document outlines proper lawn care practices for each time of the year, addresses how to correct turf problems, and other symptoms of an unhealthy lawn without resorting to toxic pesticides.

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