The Well-Stocked Hardware Store

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A Well-Stocked Hardware Store

To assist local garden centers and hardware stores in transitioning their customers to holistic lawn care practices, Beyond Pesticides has crafted the “Well-Stocked Hardware Store,” which provides the products and tools necessary to support a move to healthy, organic landscapes. This guide fits in with Beyond Pesticides’ Model Pesticide Policy and Implementation Plan for Communities, but can be used independently for hardware stores looking to encourage the use of products and practices that protect the health of their customers, community, and the wider environment.


The products above do not represent a comprehensive list of all of the alternative materials available on the marketplace. And with the market for organic growing exponentially, there will certainly be more to add in the future. Beyond Pesticides encourages enterprising hardware stores, manufacturers, and residents to let us know what we've left out by sending an email to [email protected].

However, taken together with educational materials, these products do provide a viable, effective means to orient the average consumer towards an organic approach to lawn and landscape care, and have hardware stores maintain a profit while doing so. By putting a focus on materials that support safe, sustainable cultural practices in the home and garden, residents will appreciate the change, come back again, and tell their friends and family about the innovative approach their local store is taking.

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