Model What’s Possible Without Pesticides

Be a model for your community and show your neighbors that pesticide-free zones are important for the health of children, families, pets, the environment and the community. 

Participate in our Pesticide Free Zones Survey to put your pesticide-free property, whether private or public, on the Pesticide Free Zone Map. Enter your pesticide-free lawns, school grounds, neighborhoods, farms, and organizations and help build a picture of what is possible. Zoom in to see where others are creating pesticide-free zones, and to find out about local ordinances reducing pesticide use in your community. Together, we can show our neighbors and beyond that a world free of pesticides is both desirable and achievable. 


To place yourself on the map, take our Pesticide Free Zones Survey now. If you are among the first 25 participants you will win a free Pesticide Free Zone Yard Sign

At eight inches (8") in diameter, the aluminum enameled signs will not rust and will retain their bright colors for years! Each sign comes with its own "Lawn Care Owner's Manual" which provides helpful information on how to maintain your pesticide-free landscape and spread the word about the benefits of pesticide-free spaces. Both honey bee and ladybug signs are available to order online or by calling Beyond Pesticides at 202-543-5450. 

We hope you enjoy your Pesticide-Free Zone sign, and use its presence to spark a conversation in your community about the use of pesticides. One yard at a time, we can transition towards a safer future without the hazards associated with unnecessary pesticide use.