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The Daily News Blog is updated every day, providing the most current information on pesticides, alternatives and pertinent issues around the country. You may post comments on current or past Daily News stories. See our homepage, www.beyondpesticides.org, or access the Blog directly at www.beyondpesticides.org/dailynewsblog.

Answers to Common Questions about Beyond Pesticides' Daily News Blog:

What is the Daily News Blog?

The Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog features a post each business day on the health and environmental hazards of pesticides, pesticide regulation and policy, pesticide alternatives and cutting-edge science. Daily News is a service of Beyond Pesticides that is intended to keep activists, academicians, policy makers, the health care community, and pest managers informed on key issues and actions that are ongoing and important to the protection of public health and the environment. Daily News is intended to provide a tool for action as we seek to effect a shift in policies, practices and products to safeguard the health of people and the environment.

Where are the old Daily News stories?

Beyond Pesticides Daily Newsarchive is housed in two places. For the period 8/13/2000-1/12/2007, the archive is located at the old Archives page and organized under a subject index. For the period beginning 1/16/2007 going forward, the archive is located on the blog and organized by date, subject and subcategories.

How do I post a comment?

At the bottom of the story, click the "X Comments" link and speak your mind! Comments that you post will remain on the website as a part of the historical record on that issue. Please note that Beyond Pesticides will monitor blog entries to ensure that they do not violate principles of accepted internet standards. We encourage your thoughts, suggestions and insights, but cannot permit profanity or any material that is not related to the Daily News story.

What if I have an idea for a story?

Do you have a story you want Beyond Pesticides to investigate for possible inclusion in our Daily News feature? Send us an email with your scoop. We cannot publish every story, but will attempt to post as many relevant stories as possible. Thank you and we look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and input to the Daily News blog!