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Finding a Pest Management Company That Doesn't Poison You, Your Family, and the Environment: Use Safety Source

Q: How do I find a pest management service provider who will use practices that will protect, and not poison, me and my family?

A: Check out Beyond Pesticides' Safety Source for Pest Management. The database is a constantly growing source of pest management service providers across the country who are utilizing practices that are sensitive to public health and environmental concerns, at least with some of their services.

Ask the right questions. Though cost is an important issue when buying pest management services, the potential harm of products used is another critical issue to know about. View our Facebook post.

Action of the Week is intended to provide you, our supporters and network, with one concrete action that you can take each week to have your voice heard on governmental actions that are harmful to the environment and public and worker health, increase overall pesticide use, or undermine the advancement of organic, sustainable, and regenerative practices and policies. This week:

Tell the NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service) to increase substantially the amount of funding spent on the conservation of monarch butterflies and the restoration of their habitat, and to ensure that restored habitat is not poisoned with hazardous pesticides.

Although the agency has taken some steps to protect monarchs — including the implementation of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Development Project and support for the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund — last year’s NRCS expenditure of $4 million was insufficient to prevent the monarchs’ decline, and could not even begin to stem the loss of milkweed habitat. Restoring the monarch butterfly and its habitat will require a substantial contribution from the agricultural sector and strong leadership from the NRCS. Agricultural lands encompass 77% of all prospective monarch habitat, and thus, are indispensable to reaching these goals.

Thank you for taking action!


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