Drawing, Paintings, and Digital Art




                  Artist: Suzanne Becket

                  Title:  "Hedgehog Stroll"





       Artist: John Jonik

            Title: "Pesticides in Some Products"

Artist: John Jonik

  Title: "Pesticides in Some Products"




           Artist: Mimi McHale

              Title:  "Once Upon a Time in Elephant Land"

Artist: John Jonik

  Title:  "Pesticide Dogs"




           Artist: Jan R Carson

              Title: Departure

     Artist: Elizabeth O'Nan

             Title: "Corona Fish"




Artist: Annie MacDonald (Pesticide-Free Balerno)

Title: Duckling

Artist: Tanya Piker

Title: Grandfather


Artist: Annie MacDonald (Pesticide-Free Balerno)

Title: Green Woodpecker

Artist: Annie MacDonald (Pesticide-Free Balerno) 

Title: Finch


Artist: Annie MacDonald (Pesticide-Free Balerno)  Artist: Annie MacDonald (Pesticide-Free Balerno)
Painting: Bird Painting: Songbird


Artist: John Jonik

Title: Cigarette Ingredients

Artist: Lyndsey Marston, 3Legged Dog Ink. 

Title: Save Our Pollinators

     Racoon, by Janet C.                     

Artist: Janet C.

Title: Raccoon

Artist: David Greg Denton

Title: Floral Impression 3



Artist: Stacey S.

 Title: Sunflower for Peace

Artist: Leigh Anne J.

Title: Don't Bee Blue




       Artist: Joanna Malaczynski-Moore (aka Asia Moore)

       Title: Calendula Flower with Bee

    Artist: Akayla Bracey

    Title: The Bee and the Flower