WNv Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Help spread the word on preventing WNv and other mosquito-transmitted diseases. The following Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be sent to your local radio stations in text or Mp3 (right click to save) form along with the cover letter. You are welcome to add your organization on to the text version or ask the radio station to add it to the recorded version.

PSA 1: What can you do to prevent mosquitoes from spreading West Nile Virus? The most important thing you can do is to get rid of standing water on your property now. That’s where mosquitoes breed. Don’t leave standing water in outside pet water bowls, old tires, potted plants, anything that holds stagnant water. Dump birdbath water and replace every two or three days. Drain and cover unused swimming pools. Let’s do it together and hit mosquitoes where they breed. Learn how at beyondpesticides.org/mosquito. A public service message from Beyond Pesticides.

PSA 2: What’s the best way to protect everyone from mosquitoes that spread West Nile Virus? By working together. Prevent mosquitoes from breeding now. Get rid of standing water wherever you find it on your property. Make sure your window and door screens are in good repair. Use safe, pesticide-free insect repellants. Discover why spraying for mosquitoes doesn’t eliminate the threat and why it’s dangerous to kids and pets. Learn how all of us can work together at beyondpesticides.org/mosquito. A public service message from Beyond Pesticides.

PSA 3: What’s most effective at controlling mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus? You may be surprised to learn that it’s getting rid of standing water and using least-toxic larval control, not street spraying of pesticides that are hazardous to kids and pets. Find out why and what everyone can do to work together now to control mosquitoes and the spread of West Nile Virus, and protect our kids and pets from hazardous pesticides. Visit beyondpesticides.org/mosquito. A public service message from Beyond Pesticides.

Cover Letter Use this cover letter to contact your local radio station's public service announcement manager. It gives and overview of the announcement and the importance of public education.