Poison Poles - A Report About Their Toxic Trail and Safer Alternatives
The Toxic Trail


Throughout the cradle to grave life of a utility pole, there is a repeating toxic threat when transporting the chemicals. Transportation is necessary at virtually all stages of the life of a pole. 

Transportation of toxic chemicals is necessary: 

  • from chemical manufacturer to wilderness for use in forestry practices; 
  • in treated poles from wood treatment plants to storage sites; 
  • in treated poles from storage sites to installation; 
  • from chemical manufacturer to location of pole in use for retreatment; and, 
  • in treated poles from in use location to disposal. 

Throughout the life cycle of a pole, these chemicals are transported from the manufacturer just as chemicals or as part of the utility pole after it has been treated. Whenever these chemicals are transported there is risk. There is risk to workers handling the chemicals or treated poles and the potential risks of transportation accidents.  

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