NOSB Checklist for Inputs in Organic Systems

The Organic Foods Production Act instructs that the following questions are asked when considering inputs in organic production:

  • Are there adverse impacts on humans or the environment?
  • Is the substance essential for organic production?
  • Is the substance compatible with organic production practices?

The National Organic Standards Board uses the following checklist when deciding whether to approve materials for organic production:

  • Is there a toxic or other adverse action of the material or its breakdown products?
  • Are there adverse effects on environment from manufacture, use, or disposal?
  • Is the substance harmful to the environment and biodiversity?
  • Does the substance contain List 1, 2, or 3 inerts?
  • Is there potential for detrimental chemical interaction with other materials used?
  • Are there adverse biological and chemical interactions in agro-ecosystem?
  • Are there detrimental physiological effects on soil organisms, crops, or livestock?