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From July 3, 2006                                                                                                        

Farmers Overcome Child Malnutrition Through Organic Farming In Lostotho
(Beyond Pesticides, July 3, 2006) Farmers in Nthabiseng, Losotho have made a significant achievement in overcoming child malnutrition. Through organic farming, farmers say have had their best yields with low cost agriculture inputs and have produced enough food to enable children to eat three full balanced meals a day.

Speaking on behalf of farmers during a farmers’ day held at Serutle village in Nthabiseng, farmer Matheko Lei said that with organic farming farmers now use indigenous seeds and kraal manure to improve soil fertility, instead of using expensive high breed seeds and chemical fertilizers.

“Best yields will enable the community to maintain their food security, where they will be able to provide good nutrition, win the war against malnutrition and prolong the lives of HIV infected people,” Lei said.

She appealed to those who were not practicing organic farming to join them, and protect the health of their children through proper nutrition.

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Help support a similar local organic farm project in Ethiopia. The project still needs to raise more money and every bit counts! Help promote sustainable development that is safe for the people and the environment. Donations can be sent to Beyond Pesticides at 701 E St SE, Washington, DC 20003. Please indicate that your donation is for the Ginchi Farm.