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From January 26, 2005

Northeast Regional Urban IPM Conference Coming In March
(Beyond Pesticides, January 26, 2005)
Beyond Pesticides will be speaking at an upcoming Urban Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Conference organized by the Northeastern IPM Center on March 15 – 16, 2005 in Manchester, New Hamshire.

The conference will discuss innovative and successful IPM strategies that focus on low-risk, environmentally sound methods to control insects, diseases, weeds, and wildlife pests in community and urban settings such as homes, schools, parks, golf courses, roadways, and other public spaces. Researchers, educators, regulators, and pest managers from across the Northeast (From Maine to Ohio to Virginia) are expected to attend to share insights and expertise on the emerging issues of urban IPM. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in panel and group discussions and workshops, and in the development of lists that identify IPM needs in research and extension for community IPM in the Northeast.

The Northeast Regional Community and Urban IPM Conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

• Sound management practices in the urban forest and landscape settings
• IPM for structures such as homes, schools, and other buildings
• Successes and innovations for IPM in turf settings such as parks, athletic fields and golf courses
• IPM education and outreach in schools, homes, and throughout communities using a variety of
  communication techniques
• Pressures from invasive species in the urban environment
• Public health issues such as West Nile virus and other vector borne diseases
• Wildlife control methods within communities
• Innovative inclusion of agriculture in the urban environment.

Anyone involved with or interested in the management of pests in buildings, parks, gardens, golf courses, nurseries, athletic fields, homes, schools or other urban settings is encouraged to attend this event. Public educators will be introduced to new techniques in teaching and communication. Research and extension personnel will be able to compare and contrast IPM methods used in urban settings. Practitioners will learn about new IPM techniques. All participants can expect to come away with a wealth of new ideas and a fresh perspective on IPM in community and urban settings.

The information and networking opportunities at the meeting will be invaluable for all who are working toward pesticide risk reduction, improving community health and safety, and raising awareness about highly effective, least-toxic pest management practices. Recertification credits will also be offered.

Plan now to attend this useful regional event. A $145 registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. For the agenda, travel arrangements and other information, visit the conference web site or contact Liz Thomas at 315-787-2626.