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From July 16, 2002

Lawn-Free Landscaping Catching on in Ottawa

After spending 25 years caring for turf in the former city of Nepean, retired Canadian landscaper and park maintenance man, Ken Bickford, decided to do away with his own lawn. He and his wife, Carol Richardson, started Lawn Begone, an unsual landscaping business that focuses on replacing lawns with easy to maintain alternatives.

The appeal of the grass free lawn began last year when a grub infestation around the city of Ottawa hindered the development of healthy lawns.

"We always made jokes about eliminating our front lawn and replacing it with mulch and garden art," Ms. Richardson told The Ottawa Citizen. "When we did it and people saw the results, they started asking us to give them advice on getting rid of their lawns."

The Canadian couple recognizes some people still like the green look, so they will replace grass with a clover lawn. Noting that clover does not grow very tall and therefore does not have to be mowed.

The main focus, however, is on creating an herbicide free, decorative, low-maintenance spaces with emphasis on perennials, rock formations, wood sculptures, garden art and mulch.