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From July 11, 2002

City Decreases Pesticide Use, Increases Public Knowledge

The Canadian city of Brantford is advocating healthy lawns by decreasing dependence on pesticides, according to The Expositor. Alternative lawn care techniques are being used in city parks and public lawns. Dennis Wale, head of horticulture and turf maintenance at the parks and recreation department, commented on the city's practices. "Our belief is that pesticides should be a last resort. You should have a healthy lawn, respect it and, as a last resort, spot spray," he said.

Organic fertilizers and aeration techniques are being pursued to decrease weeds and pesticide use later on in the parks. The fertilizers are made from food-grade organic materials, including molasses, soybean oil and sugar beet extract. These environmentally friendly activities are being undertaken in conjunction with a public education program to increase knowledge about integrated pest management and alternative lawn care. Hopefully this will translate to organic lawn care on private as well as public property. The public can view a "test" of organic techniques at Brantford's Springs Gardens Park, where four different lawn care methods are used.

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