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From March 2, 2002

Singer Promotes Good Bugs and Earthworms

A Canadian children's singer is pressing Parliament to use less pesticides. "Children now get too much toxic residue with their fruits and vegetables," singer Raffi Cavoukian said at a news conference.

Raffi joined World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada to persuade Health Minister Anne McLellan to update Canadian pesticide laws. Thousands of antiquated pesticide laws would be re-evaluated under the new legislation. About 6,000 pesticide products are sold in Canada, according to WWF Canada. Fifty million kilograms of these pesticides, which are worth about $1 billion, are sold annually in that country.

Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the right of municipalities to prohibit pesticide use for cosmetic purposes such as lawn care. Julia Langer, executive director of WWF Canada, said that while dozens of municipalities are considering bylaws, they do not have the capability to evaluate individual chemicals and remove them from the market. "Only the federal government can deal with the legislative requirements," Langer added.

Below are some sample lyrics from Raffi's musical tribute to organic vegetables.

"The good bugs chase the pests away
In the deep of night and the light of day
Guarding our food, naturally."

For the full article, see The Toronto Star at www.thestar.com. For more information about pesticides or organic farming, please contact Beyond Pesticides.