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From November 26, 2001

Consumer Pesticide Sales Increase

Nationwide sales of a consumer pesticide company rose nearly 20 percent last quarter. United Industries Corporation (United), a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden pesticides and household insecticides, recently reported a third quarter sales increase of $51.1 million to $60.5 million.

The company markets and manufactures broad-use pesticides and insecticides, including brand names such as Spectracide, Hot Shot, Cutter, Peters, Real Kill and No-Pest. "I am pleased that United gained share of market in all key product categories. These gains were driven by good customer acceptance of our Spectracide and Hot Shot product restages, excellent performance in specialty categories such as repellants and termiticides, and another season of outstanding in-store retail execution," said Bob Caulk, United's chairman and CEO.

Spectracide is an all-purpose pest control, and can be used to control ants, cockroaches, fleas, and other pests. Hot Shot is marketed as a spray for killing insects. According to a PR Newswire release, it is a record third quarter for United.

To find out more about household and garden pests, and options for less toxic methods of pest control, see www.beyondpesticides.org.