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From August 8, 2001

Delegation to Address Environmental Concerns in Colombia

Witness for Peace, a politically independent grassroots organization, is coordinating a delegation to Columbia in 2002 to address environmental and labor concerns. A main focus will be the aerial spraying of herbicides over the Amazon. The spraying is part of a program sponsored by the U.S. as part of the "war on drugs". This U.S. aid is doing great damage to the rainforests of the Amazon. Currently another $1 billion is being proposed for the program. For more information visit the Witness for Peace website at: http://www.witnessforpeace.org/.
This aid will have far reaching effects in combination with the other dangers Colombia's citizens' face. This includes the conflict between the national army, leftist guerrilla movements and right-wing paramilitary forces. Colombian labor leaders are in continuous grave danger of assassination as well. Witness for Peace's Environmental & Labor Delegation to Colombia is a response to these impacts of the U.S. Drug War Policy. Experts and activists will join together to discuss their view of the U.S. policy in Colombia.
Attending the delegation will give you access to:
-Learn about the economic roots of Colombia's conflict
-Hear testimonies of displaced people and others directly affected by the conflict
-Travel to areas outside of Bogota to witness the impact of U.S. military assistance.
-See first-hand the impact of aerial spraying
-Talk with union organizers about the violence they face
For an application and more information, contact:
Gail Phares
Witness for Peace - Southeast
Tel: 919/856-9468
Email: [email protected]
Beyond Pesticides' Daily News recently reported on Senator Paul Wellstone's (D-MN) trip to Colombia where he witnessed a pesticide application on coca. The senator is an outspoken critic of the U.S. policy of providing military aid to Colombia as part of the "war on drugs." On the very first flyover by the cropduster, the U.S. Senator, the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, the Lieutenant Colonel of the Colombian National Police, and other Embassy and congressional staffers were fully doused with the sticky, possibly dangerous herbicide Roundup® (glyphosate). Click here to read the full article. For more information about the health risks associated with exposure to glyphosate click here.