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L-Lactic Acid

General Information

  • Chemical Class: Biochemical Pesticide/Antimicrobial
  • Uses: Plant growth regulator, mosquito attractant, antimicrobial disinfectant, indirect food contact surface sanitizer, fungicide, virucide (when applied to hard non-porous surfaces such as tile, countertops, metal or glass).
  • Beyond Pesticides rating: Least-toxic

Health and Environmental Effects

  • Cancer: Not documented
  • Endocrine Disruption: Not documented
  • Reproductive Effects: Not documented
  • Neurotoxicity: Not documented
  • Kidney/Liver Damage: Not documented
  • Sensitizer/ Irritant: Yes (53)
  • Birth/Developmental Not documented
  • Detected in Groundwater: Not documented
  • Potential Leacher: Not documented
  • Toxic to Birds: Not documented
  • Toxic to Fish/Aquatic Organisms: Not documented
  • Toxic to Bees: Not documented

Additional Information