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Canadian Pesticide Ban Organizers, Top Researchers, Others to Speak at Pesticide Forum

(Beyond Pesticides, January 12, 2010) Beyond Pesticides, along with Case Western Reserve University Medical School’s Swetland Center for Environmental Health and the local grassroots group Beyond Pesticides Ohio, will be hosting Greening the Community, the 28th National Pesticide Forum, April 9-10, 2010 in Cleveland, OH. This national environmental conference will focus on pesticide-free lawns and community spaces, organic community gardens and farming, cutting edge pesticide science, pesticides in schools, water contamination and more. Register online.

Speaker Highlights

• Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Organizers: In 2009, Ontario, Canada banned the use of over 250 pesticide products for cosmetic (lawn care) purposes. Forum participants will hear from Jan Kasperski, CEO of the Ontario College of Family Physicians, and Theresa McClenaghan, executive director of the Canadian Environmental Law Association, who fought to make this vision a reality.

• “Food Sleuth” journalist: Registered dietitian, investigative nutritionist, and award-winning journalist Melinda Hemmelgarn will be addressing the benefits of eating organic and encouraging conference participants “think beyond their plates.”

• Pesticide Researchers: The Forum will feature talks by several renowned pesticide researchers including Paul Winchester, MD, professor of clinical pediatrics Indiana University School of Medicine who authored the April 2009 study linking birth defects, pesticides and season of conception; Shuk-mei Ho, PhD, chair of the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine whose research focuses on the role endocrine disruptors play in developing cancer; and, Warren Porter, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of Zoology who recently published a study linking prenatal pesticide exposure to behavioral and hormonal changes.

Learn more about the speakers and see the latest additions on the National Pesticide Forum speaker page.


Registration is $65 for members, $75 for non-members and $35 for students. Avoid the $25 late fee by registering before March 9th. Registration includes: keynote speakers and panel discussions; interactive, discussion-based workshops; tour and hands-on demonstrations; networking opportunities; organic food and drink (breakfast, lunch and two receptions with hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine); Forum packets, printed materials and more. Register online or call 202-543-5450 to register by phone.

Information on lodging is available on the Forum lodging page.

Forum Co-Sponsors

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine’s Swetland Center for Environmental Health brings a new emphasis to environmental health at CWRU and affiliated hospitals throughout Greater Cleveland. The current major focus of the Center is on the environmental health problems of the Cleveland community especially related to toxic exposures of children and their families.

Beyond Pesticides Ohio is the only organization in Ohio that focuses exclusively on pesticide issues and fights pesticide pollution in Ohio by advocating for common sense alternatives that protect our health and environment.


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    Can you work on getting CEU’s for nurses?

    This should be easy enough to arrange and would attract more professionals to attend

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