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  • Videos from Agricultural Justice, Age of Organics, and Alligators: Protecting Health, biodiversity, and ecosystems, the 33rd National Pesticide Forum held April 17-18 in Orlando, FL are now available! Watch them here.

  • See Press Release here. See the joint statement here.

  • Roundup™ Must Go Down! Sign our petition to ban glyphosate, in light of it's new classification as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and go organic in your backyard!

  • Dr. Kirschenmann's talk, Cultivating an Ecological Conscience from the 32nd National Pesticide Forum is featured in the latest issue of Pesticides and You. Look for your copy in the mail, or watch the video here!

  • Read a transcription of Michael Sligh's talk from the 32nd National Pesticide Forum in Pesticides and You, or watch his talk on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for videos from the 33rd National Pesticide Forum!

  • Beyond Pesticides has compiled a comprehensive directory of companies that sell organic seeds and plants which are free of bee-harming pesticides.

  • Whether you become a member of Beyond Pesticides, donate or buy a gift from our online shop, your support funds a growing movement towards a pesticide-free future.
  • Protect public trust in the organic food label by voicing your concern through the Save Our Organic campaign.

Alerts & Actions

White House Releases National Pollinator Health Strategy. Though the plan is well-intentioned, Beyond Pesticides' believes the Strategy ultimately works at cross-purposes by encouraging habitat, but continuing to allow pesticides that contaminate landscapes. Learn what you can do to BEE protective here.

Groups Challenge Major USDA Change to Organic Rule A coalition of 15 organic food producers and farmer, consumer, environmental, and certification groups asked the court to require USDA to reconsider its decision on the rule change and reinstitute the agency’s customary public hearing and comment process. See joint statement here.

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Sowing Seeds of Doubt

Farmworker Protection

How to Repel Mosquitoes Safely

Precaution: Science and Policy


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Beyond Pesticides would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring the National Pesticide Forum scholarship fund,
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