The Planet Is on the Ballot, Your Future—and that of Your Children—Is At Stake

It’s not just the top of the ballot that deserves our attention. The facts are the facts. The records of elected U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives speak for themselves. The decisions affecting public health and the environment of the past four years—with real impact now and for future generations—do not happen without the support of the majority in the U.S. Senate. If you’ve been taking action with Beyond Pesticides Action of the Week, you know this because you have been communicating with Congress for the past four years on key issues that determine whether there will be a sustainable future.

Policies that ignore the science are upheld or rejected in state legislatures through state policy. And local elected officials on city, town, and county councils make decisions on whether to allow the poisoning of our parks and waterways or push for organic land management. School board members determine whether our children are exposed to toxic pesticides on playing fields. Where do the candidates on your ballot stand? 

For those you know who don’t want to consider the facts, share the undoing of basic protections of our families and community with them. 

Vote Now! Tell Your Family and Friends to Vote!

Remember, many rules have changed during the pandemic, making it harder to figure out how to cast your ballot. This interactive guide can help you ensure your vote is counted.

Beyond Pesticides reports daily on the most up-to-date science and the dramatic failure of regulatory standards. With you, we dig deep into health and environmental effects of public policy. We work with decision makers and businesses that care about our children and our future. We measure not words but actions. 

And now we vote. For our future. For life.