Leslie Touart, PhD

Beyond Pesticides and Equiparent Consulting
Woodbridge, VA

Leslie Touart

Leslie Touart, PhD is currently Beyond Pesticides’ senior science and policy analyst and president of Equiparent Consulting providing consulting services to assist with ecotoxicity test data review, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. He is a retired senior biologist from the US Environmental Protection Agency. He earned his doctorate in environmental biology and in public policy from George Mason University. He served in the Office of Research and Development performing marine organism toxicity tests and then in the Office of Pesticide Programs performing ecological risk assessments and developing test guidelines from molecular-based in vitro assays to large community-based and ecosystem-level aquatic mesocosms. He spent his last 18 years with the Agency in support of the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program and oversaw the validation efforts for all the ecological test methods in the program. He was very active internationally with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in test guidelines validation and harmonization.  His efforts continue in advancing probabilistic ecological risk assessments, endocrine toxicology and international outreach.