Fern Ānuenue Holland, BSc

Kauaʻi Food Hub
Kauaʻi, HI

Fern Ānuenue Holland

Fern Ānuenue Holland, BSc, was born and raised in Kapahi and grew up on the east side of Kauaʻi. After graduating from Kapaʻa High School in 2002 she received her Bachelor of Science with a triple major in Wildlife Management, Environmental Science, and Marine Biology from Griffith University’s School of Environment, Gold Coast Australia. 

Holland has worked professionally as an environmental scientist and consultant for ecological, contaminated land and other environmental assessments, both in Hawaiʻi and overseas. Since returning home from university in 2012 Holland has been active in local environmental and community issues. She is passionate about expanding sustainable food production agriculture, restoration of native ecosystems, land restoration and community based land management. Holland is the Board President of the newly established Kauaʻi Food Hub and is committed to the advancement of food production agriculture and sustainability for Hawaiʻi.

Holland was an integral part of the development and passing of Kauaʻi County Bill 2491 for disclosure, buffers and protections related to biotech experimental research practices. She also organized the 2013 March in March in Poipu and later the September Mana March in Lihue for the passing of Bill 2491. Holland has worked for nearly 15 years on environmental justice issues associated with industrialized agriculture and biotech pesticide and GE experimentation in Hawaiʻi and globally.