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Other Alerts:

Transforming Government's Approach to Regulating Pesticides to Protect Public Health and the Environment (1/7/09) The recommendations in the document below address pending decisions and petitions currently before the federal agencies responsible for regulating toxic chemicals and promoting alternatives. We encourage you to comment and suggest edits and additions to improve the document.

Tell EPA to Reject Cause Marketing on Toxic Pesticide Products (3/21/08) On October 31, 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opened a comment period on their Draft Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Label Statements Regarding Third-Party Endorsements and Cause Marketing Claims.

Tell EPA to Ban Top Wildlife-Killing Pesticide, Carbofuran (7/28/06) According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, all registered uses of carbofuran kill wildlife. Tell EPA that carbofuran is an imminent hazard and it should cancel and immediately suspend all remaining uses.

Stop Toxic Sulfuryl Fluoride Use: Comment by August 4 (7/7/06) Petitioners assert that the regulations setting fluoride tolerances (allowing fluoride residues) for food are seriously flawed. Comment to EPA by August 4.

Stop Methyl Iodide: Don't let EPA register new carcinogenic pesticide (1/30/06) EPA is evaluating methyl iodide as a replacement for ozone-depleting methyl bromide. Send comments by February 21 to stop this new pesticide.

Take Action : Stop attempts to weaken the Endangered Species Act by rewriting the rules that protect fish and wildlife from hazardous pesticides. (3/10/04) Public Comment period closes March 30, 2004.

Take Action: Support Industry Fees for Pesticide Hazard Reviews (10/28/03) For years, the pesticide industry has received a fee waiver from Congress, sticking taxpayers with the bill for testing pesticides. New negotiated legislation aims to return the burden to the industry.

Interim Statement and Guidance on Application of Pesticides to Waters of the United States in Compliance with FIFRA (9/15/03) EPA is seeking public comment by October 14, 2003 on an interpretation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) that would allow pesticides to be exempt from CWA permitting requirements. Docket No. OW-2003-0063. Read EPA Comments by Beyond Pesticides and others, Action Alert, July 22 Daily News story, and comments by the Chemical Connection, a group that represents chemically sensitive individuals.

Representative Holt Accuses EPA Administrator Whitman of Systematically Selling Out the Environment (5/6/03)

Hartz Mountain Corp Challenges Beyond Pesticides "Deadly" Pesticide Story (1/13/03)

EPA Allows Use of Banned Insecticide, Deadly to Birds, on 10,000 Acres, EPA Will Decide Whether to Allow the Program to Continue (July 3, 2002)

Sales Flyer Encourages use of Highly Toxic "Banned" Pesticides (June 8, 2001)

Pesticide Incident Reporting Testimonies by Jay Feldman and John Stephenson, GAO (March 19, 2001)

Diazinon Risk Assessment Released, EPA Calls for Public Comment (July 12, 2000)

The LowDown on Dursban: EPA's Phase-out Agreement with Industry (June 8, 2000)

Join Beyond Pesticides's Campaign to Keep the Food Quality Protection Act Intact