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Photos Wanted!

Get your photo featured at www.beyondpesticides.org.

You know the expression “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” Send your best pesticide, alternative to pesticides, and environmental photographs to Beyond Pesticides and have them featured on one of the best pesticide reform advocacy websites in the world!

Here’s how it works. You send us (by email or snail mail) a photograph (yes, it can be from your point-and-click camera) that captures a positive situation (like an organic farm or a pesticide-free school) or negative situation that needs public attention (like the most toxic looking utility pole, cropdusters flying over people’s homes, etc.) and we will post it on our website, www.beyondpesticides.org. Provide us with a short description of the photograph, identify where it was taken, and provide a photo credit. Expose the problems you are trying to overcome, or depict the successes you have accomplished or seen. Share the information with us and we’ll send your message across the world. And, from time to time we will also post your work just for the sheer beauty of it, so feel free to share your talents.

We are accepting both hard copies and electronic versions. Email electronic copies to [email protected], attention Photo Stories, in jpg, gif, or bmp format. If you send us a hard copy, we will be happy to return it upon request. Mail your photographs to:

Photo Stories
Beyond Pesticides
701 E Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Taylor at (202) 543-5450, ext. 18. We look forward to hearing from you!