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Organic Lawn Care NOW Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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NEW Radio PSA for Organic Land Care
Radio provides a great outlet for us to get our message out about the importance of organic land care. Public service announcements (PSAs) are often played by radio stations as a service to the public. The chances that they will be played increases greatly if the request comes from a local listener! That is why we need your help. Please contact your local radio station and request that they play our PSA promoting the importance of organic land care for healthy communities.

If you or your local environmental group has a web page you can put the PSA on there too.

How to Contact Your Local Radio Station
Contact your local station's programming director or find the station's website to find out their preferred method for receiving PSAs. Tell them you are part of the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns and would like them to air our 30 second PSA on the importance of organic land care in protecting public health and the environment. You have an MP3 they can play, or the text version if they would like to read it themselves.

Sample email text:
Dear Radio Programming Director,
Please help us promote the protection of state and local water supplies and public health. The National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns requests that you play our 30 second public service announcement -Organic Lawns Now- on the importance organic land care. This very timely and emerging topic is of interest to all families and communities concerned with protecting their children, pets and environment.

We would appreciate it if you could air Organic Lawns Now throughout the spring and summer seasons. The Mp3 and text versions are attached.

Report Back
Let us know if you hear the PSA played in your community!

For questions or assistance contact Eileen Gunn at [email protected]

Don't forget last month's action, our new factsheet, Read Your "Weeds"- A Simple Guide to Creating a Healthy Lawn, is available to disseminate in your community.! You can print and distribute it, send it to your home and garden (or lifestyle) editor of your local paper, or just hand it to your neighbors!