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Dear Superintendent and Business Manager:

It greatly concerns me that the children of our community may be routinely exposed to toxic chemicals from the district’s use of toxic chemicals for pest control. I have read that according to the National P.T.A. and the National Academy of Science, these chemicals represent one of the greatest risks to children’s health. Their small size and developing organ systems make children more susceptible to pesticide risks than adults.

I also recently learned that the national trend for school districts is to adopt the safer pest control policies of Integrated Pest Management (IPM.) IPM is a program of prevention, monitoring and control which drastically reduces or eliminates the use of poisons such as pesticides. It is also cost-effective. Some area schools are already using IPM, and others are in the process of adopting it.

As a resident of this community, I strongly urge you to adopt and implement an IPM policy and program as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. IPM is a win-win strategy: pests eliminated, people protected, costs reduced. The health of our children and their hardworking teachers is at stake.
I would appreciate a reply to this request.