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- Please call, write a letter, fax or e-mail (this is the order of effectiveness and best chance of getting a response) to your school district's policy makers.

- If possible, please make 3 contacts: one each to the superintendent, the business manager and the school board president.

- For your convenience we have prepared a letter for parents and a letter for residents that you can adapt or use as is. See the links on the OCAMP web page to open these letters.

- Please ask for a response, and please contact us if you get one.

- If you need more information see the link to our PASS Fact Sheet or call OCAMP at 440-442-1818.

- You can find contact information for your superintendent on our web page. Contact information for other school personnel and board members is often available at the district's web site or in your phone book. The web site of the Ohio School Boards Association has a convenient directory of links to every school district's web site at www.osba-ohio.org/schools.htm.