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Beyond Pesticides Rating: Toxic

Fenoxaprop-ethyl is selective, postemergent herbicide used for annual and perennial grass weeds in turfgrass, including sod farms, commercial and residential turfs, and ornamental. It is found in such herbicides as Acclaim®, Puma®, and Excel®.  

Acute Toxicity

Fenoxaprop-ethyl has an oral LD50 of 2,357 mg/kg for rats, an inhalation LC50 >0.511 mg/L for rats, and acute dermal toxicity of >2,000 mg/kg for rats and >1,000 mg/kg for rabbits. It is considered a slight skin irritant, and an extreme eye irritant, with non-reversible corneal opacity in rabbits at 21 days.  It is not a dermal sensitizer (EPA, 1998). Primary routes of exposure would be through skin absorption, vapor and mist inhalation.  It is harmful if inhaled or ingested (MSDS, Acclaim). 

Chronic Toxicity

In a chronic toxicity feeding study on beagle dogs, the NOEL (No Observable Effect Level) was 0.375 mg/kg/day and the LOEL (Lowest Observed Effect Level) was 1.875 mg/kg/day based on decreases in body weight gain. In a carcinogenicity study on mice, there was evidence of carcinogenicity at the highest dose tested (EPA, 1998). Fenoxaprop-ethyl is classified as a possible human carcinogen, with limited human evidence and inadequate animal evidence (MSDS, Acclaim). In oral developmental toxicity studies of rats, the NOEL was 32 mg/kg/day and the LOEL was 100 mg/kg/day, based on increased malformations, reduced fetal body weights, reduced placental weights, and retarded skeletal ossification of the cranium, sternebrae and 5th metacarpals. A 2-generation reproductive toxicity study of rats, the NOEL was 0.25 mg/kg/day and the LOEL was 1.5 mg/kg/day based on reduced pup body weights (EPA, 1998). Fenoxaprop-ethyl is not thought to be mutagenic or to effect fertility (MSDS, Acclaim). 

Effects on Wildlife

Fenoxaprop-ethyl is toxic to fish.  Drift or runoff of this herbicide could adversely affect nontarget plants. It should not be applied directly to water or areas where surface water is present (MSDS, Acclaim). 

Environmental Fate

No information found. 


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