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NaturaLawn of America, Akron

Joyce Pelz Phone: 330-920-9182

Wolfgang Pelz Fax: 330-920-9184

PO Box 26278 Website: www.nl-amer.com

Akron OH 44319 Email: [email protected]

Service Categories: structural commercial school

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NaturaLawn of America is the environmentally sound choice for service and products. Our services and products are currently being provided to consumers throughout the United States plus Canada through a franchise network system. We continue to be the innovator of organic-based/biological products and services and have implemented plans to expand into the European and Asian Markets. Six additional NaturaLawn of America locations started in 1999.

What is your definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management is a lawn care system that provides for reduced, better and safer use of materials designed to control insects, weeds and diseases. Successful IPM is based on: Prevention, Monitoring and Controlling.


Is pest management performed on a specific schedule?

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How are pest problems identified?

Through scouting, monitoring and historical data.

What practices do you use to prevent and/or control pests?

Prevention includes use of biological and synthetic pesticides, planting improved varieties of turf that resist insect and disease attacks and using good cultural practices (ie - mowing, watering, aeration, and thatch removal). We also use biorational controls, such as NEEM (oil extract), pyrethrin and insecticidal soaps.


Do you use biological controls?

Examples of biological controls that we use are Milky Spore, Nematodes, Bacillus thuringiensis, neem oil, soaps, oils, diatomaceous earth, pyrethrin, beneficial micro-organisms and others.


Do you use borates?

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Do you use synthetic chemicals?

Yes, minimal applications only after cultural, biological and biorational options have been considered. We do use pyrethrins.

What are the top 10 pesticides you use/sell/recommend?

We recommend following an IPM system as opposed to recommending pesticides.

If pesticides are used, how much are used per year of each?

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Does your company perform habitat modification?

Yes. Introduction of resistant and improved species, modification of soils, etc.

Do you use any physical or mechanical controls?

Yes, aeration, overseeding, dethatching, etc.

What type of fertilizers do you use/sell/recommend?

We feed the soil with our NaturaLawn fertilizer. However, when NaturaLawn of America makes organic-based fertilizer applications to a lawn during the year, we are indeed feeding the grass plants, but we do so by feeding the soil life first. This builds the foundation on which a lawn will thrive.


What do you usually use/sell/recommend for addressing:

termites Did Not Respond

cockroaches Did Not Respond

fleas Soaps, diatomaceous earth and pyrethrin.

carpenter ants Did Not Respond

fire ants Did Not Respond

ants (indoor) Did Not Respond

crabgrass Cultural practices and corn gluten.

dandelions Cultural practices and corn gluten.

How do you evaluate effectiveness of your pest management

Tracking of material use annually, relating to customer retention and service calls.


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