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Gene's Pest Control

Hal Payne Phone: 866-363-7378; 770-423-1221

Office Manager Fax:  

PO Box 669861 Website:  www.genespestcontrol.com

Marietta GA 30066 Email: [email protected]

Service Categories: structural commercial school

landscape residential golf course


We offer a full range of pest and termite solutions for residential, commercial, and institutional clients.

What is your definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

To use all tests available including biological, mechanical, habitat modification, and pesticides to quickly and safely remove or reduce pest populations to an acceptable level.


Is pest management performed on a specific schedule?

The schedule is determined by the customer's wants and needs.

How are pest problems identified?

Pest problems are identified through monitoring, interviews, and inspections.

What practices do you use to prevent and/or control pests?

We use habitat modification, mechanical devices, live traps, and pesticides.


Do you use biological controls?



Do you use borates?

Yes, we use them to treat wood destroying organisms and in pre-treatments of new homes.

Do you use synthetic chemicals?

Did Not Respond (DNR).

What are the top 10 pesticides you use/sell/recommend?

EcoPro products and the rest of the products are different gel baits and products suited for the job.

If pesticides are used, how much are used per year of each?

We do not track this.

Does your company perform habitat modification?

Yes- Cleaning, removal of food or water, landscape.

Do you use any physical or mechanical controls?

Door sweeps, air curtains, vacuuming

What type of fertilizers do you use/sell/recommend?



What do you usually use/sell/recommend for addressing:

termites subterranean- Termidor (fipronil) / 1st line (sulfuramid).

cockroaches gel baits/ insect growth regulators.

fleas DNR

carpenter ants baits

fire ants baits

ants (indoor) baits

crabgrass N/A

dandelions N/A

How do you evaluate effectiveness of your pest management

If we achieve target levels of the pest and customer satisfaction.


Clayton County Building and Maintenance, 7960 N. McDonough St., Jonesboro, GA. Donnie Hood- director, MARTA, Atlanta GA. Stephanie Smith. 404-848-4792.