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Forbes Pest Management Services

Bill Forbes Phone: 301-607-1179


5601 Rivendell Place Website:

Frederick MD 21703 Email: [email protected]

Service Categories: structural commercial school

landscape residential golf course

other: Training for school environments.

Forbes Pest Management (FPM) is a multi-service company that provides only integrated pest management services and training. Our principal specialty are public and private schools. We also address sensitive areas services and training. Our principal specialty are public and private schools. We also address sensitive areas in the urban setting. Management services for these sensitive consumers are provided without pesticides. Training is provided for school systems charged with implementing IPM services for their school districts. Cost analysis, inspection, material use, set-up and pest management techniques are provided with a comprehensive training program.

What is your definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Proactive management of defined pests, based on a determined threshold of monitored activity. Not all insects are pests at all times. Management is made on the basis of trapping devices and visual presence or known behaviors. The introduction of remedial actions, such as habitat modification, or mechanical controls can and should be the first line of action. Planning and review of previous activity will dictate actions necessary and provide supportive data for any necessary pesticide intervention. Intervention with a pesticide should be the last line of defense with a target specific material.


Is pest management performed on a specific schedule?

Two forms of "scheduled" activity should be done: inspection and data review. cockroaches should be re-inspected every two weeks, while ants can be re-inspected every month. When activity has stopped on trapping devices, consumer will become responsible for any additional monitoring. Rodents should be monitored depending on population size.


How are pest problems identified?

Trapping devices such as glue boards are used for crawling insects, visual inspection of egg capsules, cast skins and feces, microscopic inspection for species determination and pheromone traps for species identification.


What practices do you use to prevent and/or control pests?

Inspection, structural modification and scouting.

Do you use biological controls?

Did Not Respond (DNR)

Do you use borates?

Borate products, such as Drax, are used in wood treatment.

Do you use synthetic chemicals?

Maxforce roach & ant bait (fipronil) and Avert (abamectin).

What are the top 10 pesticides you use/sell/recommend?

Baits; Maxforce roach & ant bait, Drax and Avert.

If pesticides are used, how much are used per year of each?

Pesticides that are employed units and ounces. Since certain baits are encapsulated in plastic containers, they are considered units of bait. Other baits are utilized in small amounts into cracks and crevices. Last year, I employed almost one and a half pounds (24 oz.) of total active ingredients for more than 200 service calls.


Does your company perform habitat modification?

Caulking, screening, "Stuff it" and sheet metal.

Do you use any physical or mechanical controls?

Caulking, doorsweeps, jar traps, screens and vacuum.

What type of fertilizers do you use/sell/recommend?


What do you usually use/sell/recommend for addressing:

termites Environmental control/Bait.

cockroaches Same as termites.

fleas Same as termites.

carpenter ants Same as termites.

fire ants Baits.

ants (indoor) Same as termites.

crabgrass DNR

dandelions DNR

other DNR

How do you evaluate effectiveness of your pest management

Effectiveness is evaluated using monitoring devices, visual counts, cast skins and customer input.


Laura Olsen, Frederick County Public Schools, 301-644-5162; Margaret Hadley, Covenant Farms, [email protected]