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Take Action. Beyond Pesticides, along with a coalition of organic companies and environmental organizations opposes USDA GE alfalfa decision and calls for action. Read our open letter to USDA regarding the agency's decision to deregulate GE alfalfa, allowing its unrestricted cultivation and threatening organic and non-GE conventional farmers. (1/30/11)

Call or email President Obama and USDA and tell them NOT to deregulate GE alfalfa. For more information, including sample language, see the National Organic Coalition (NOC)'s Seven Point Plan. (1/27/11)

USDA announces its plans to deregulate GE Alfalfa. Deeply upset by this decision, the National Organic Coalition (NOC), of which Beyond Pesticides is a member, issued a statement criticizing the decision. (1/27/11)

USDA released its 2,400 page Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as required by a 2007 Federal District Court decision and upheld by both 2009 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and June 2010 U.S. Supreme Court rulings. The litigation was led by the Center for Food Safety, and joined by Beyond Pesticides, and other groups, including conventional and organic seed companies and producers. (12/17/10)

Federal Court Upholds Ban on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa (9/4/08)

US District Court Ruling on GE Alfalfa Seeds. (2/13/2007)

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. submitted a petition to EPA that resulted in an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues in or on plant commodities of phosphomannose isomerase and the genetic material necessary for its production in all plants when applied/used as plant-incorporated protectant inert ingredients. This regulation is effective May 14, 2004. Docket ID# OPP-2004-0135. Objections and requests for hearings are welcomed. (closes 7/13/04)

Starting June 8, 2004, a 3-day meeting Scientific Advisory Panel (FIFRA SAP) open to the public will consider and review product characterization, human health risk, ecological risk, and insect resistance management for Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton products. The issue is raised by a submission to EPA by Dow AgroSciences for full commercial use of their cotton plant-incorporated protectant (PIP) known as WideStrike. Docket ID# OPP-2004-0146. (closes 6/8/04)

EPA to Hold Public Workshop on Genetically Engineered Plants (aka. PIPs or plant-incorporated protectants) (2/9/04).The agency is requesting input from public on the regulation of experimental test sites. February 10-11, 2004 in Crystal City, Virginia; Read Daily News article on issue.

Environmental Groups Sue USDA Over GE Crop Planting (11/14/03)

EPA solicits comments on Bt engineered cotton (11/4/03); Public Comments Due 11/14/03 - Docket ID number OPP-2003-0331. Syngenta Seeds is proposing to register VIP3A Insect Control Protein, a plant-incorporated pesticide product in cotton, whose active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Stop Bt-engineered cotton. Send Written comments on or before Nov. 14. See Draft Comments submitted by Organic Trade Association.

EPA Approves BT Crops for Human Consumption (10/16/01)

Tell EPA to Stop Allowing Bt Crops to Be Grown in the US (8/15/01)