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Thank you to everyone that helped make our 25th National Pesticide Forum such a great success!
photo gallery is now online. If you have not done so, please fill out an evaluation form to help us continue to improve this annual event.

Forum Powerpoint presentations (converted to Adobe Acrobat) are now on-line, see below for available presentations. Videos will be available this summer. To reserve a copy, send us an email with the name of the session(s) that you would like to purchase. Speaker bios are available.

Friday, June 1
1:00-4:00pm Chicago City Hall Green Roof and Garden Tour [video available]
6:00-7:00pm Pesticides 101 [video available] (Caroline Cox, reseach director, Center for Environmental Health; Terry Shistar, Kaw Valley Greens [Powerpoint]; Jay Feldman, moderator, executive director, Beyond Pesticides)
7:00-8:30pm Awards Reception, sponsored by Farmworker Justice. Samuel Epstein, M.D. honored with the Dragonfly Award, his wife Catherine accepted the award, due to Dr. Epstein's illness.
8:30-9:00pm The Big Picture: Linking pesticide exposure and health effects [video available] (Warren Porter, Ph.D. professor of zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Powerpoint)

Saturday, June 2
9:20-11:10am Climate Change: Consequences and the organic connection [video available] (Peter Orris, M.D., Great Lakes Center for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health, University of Illinois [Powerpoint]; Lewis Ziska, Ph.D., USDA Crop Systems And Global Change Lab [Powerpoint]; Pamela Miller, executive director of Alaska Community Action on Toxics; Paul Hepperly, Ph.D., Rodale Institute [Powerpoint]; Routt Reigart, M.D., moderator, Medical University of South Carolina)
11:40am-12:45pm Toxic Policies that Hurt Communities of Color [video available] (Cecil Corbin-Mark, program director, West Harlem Environmental Action; Cheryl Johnson, executive director, People for Community Recovery; Shelley Davis, executive director of Farmworker Justice; Andrea Kidd Taylor, DrPH, moderator, Morgan State University School of Public Health )
2:15-4:10pm Emerging Science Panel: Asthma, Antibacterials, Pesticide mixtures, Nanotechnology [video available] (Muhammed Towhid Salam, M.D., Ph.D. candidate, Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California; Rolf Halden, Ph.D., P.E., co-founder, Johns Hopkins Center for Water and Health [Powerpoint]; Tyrone Hayes, Ph.D., professor of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley; Jennifer Sass, Ph.D., NRDC senior scientist [Powerpoint]; Warren Porter, Ph.D., moderator, professor of zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
4:30-6:00pm Workshops 1
-- Global Warming follow-up (above list)
-- Emerging Science follow-up (above list; Karl Tupper, staff scientist at Pesticide Action Network North America, Powerpoint)
-- Toxic Policies that Hurt Communities of Color follow-up (above list; Margaret Reeves, Ph.D., senior scientist at Pesticide Action Network North America)
-- Healthy, Organic Food in the Community (Abby Mandel, president of GreenCity Market; Parris Brewer, driver and assistant marketing representative for Growing Home)

Sunday, June 3
9:00-9:30am Practicing Precaution [video available] (Debbie Raphael, program manager, San Francisco's Toxics Reduction and Green Building Programs)
Protective policies and effective advocacy [video available] (Jason Rupaka, Plainville, CT Conservation Commission; Fawn Pattison, executive director, Pesticide Education Project; Joel Kupferman, executive director, New York Environmental Law and Justice Project; Robina Suwol, executive director, California Safe Schools)
10:30am-12:00pm Workshops 2:
-- Precaution/Protective policies follow-up (above lists)
-- Water Contamination/Great Lakes (Elizabeth LaPlante, senior manager, Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes Protection Office; Merrill Clark, owner, Roseland Organic Farms; and Rolf Halden, Ph.D., P.E., co-founder, Johns Hopkins Center for Water and Health, Powerpoint)
-- Healthy Indoor Environments (Tom Green, president, IPM Works; Cecil Corbin-Mark, program director, West Harlem Environmental Action; Rachel Rosenberg, executive director, Safer Pest Control Project)
-- Introduction to the Pesticide Working Group

2007 Dragonfly Award recipient:

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., the international leading authority on the causes and prevention of cancer, is professor emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. He has published over 260 peer reviewed articles and authored 11 books including: the prize-winning The Politics of Cancer, Safe Shopper's Bible, and Cancer-Gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War. Dr. Epstein is an internationally recognized authority on avoidable causes of cancer, particularly unknowing exposures to carcinogens in air, water, workplace and consumer products. Catherine Epstein, Sam's wife will accept the award. Dr. Epstein can no longer attend due to an illness.

See a complete list of speakers here.

THANK YOU! The generosity of our sponsors helps make the conference a great event year after year. The sponsors listed below contributed to the National Pesticide Forum scholarship fund, making it possible for people from around the country to participate in one of the most important grassroots pesticide meetings of the year. Learn more about becoming a sponsor. Click on the logos for more information.

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