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Action Alert: Farm Bill Action in Senate Agriculture Committee Expected Oct 4; Comment Now!

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY! Urge them to stand with Senator Harkin in fighting for a farm bill that invests in the future!

Time is of the essence. If your Senator is on the Agriculture Committee (see list of Members and their contact information below) call and ask for their legislative aid that works on agriculture. If the agriculture aid is available, talk to them about your support for the programs in Chairman Harkin’s proposal (for more background on these programs, most of which are in the SAC platform, go to: www.sustainableagriculturcoalition.org). If the aid is unavailable, leave a short message of support, along with your name and phone number, on the aid’s voice mail or with the receptionist.

If you prefer to write, fax a brief letter of support, addressed to the Senator, and remember to include your name and address and contact information. The fax numbers are listed below. You can also email your Senator by finding their entry on this page.

The message is simple: “I am a constituent and am calling to urge Senator _________ to support Chairman Harkin’s farm bill proposal that would strengthen conservation, rural development beginning farmer, local food systems, and sustainable bioenergy programs.”

On organic, add the following. Ask for support for:

1) Support these organic farming priorities:

–$25 million/year in organic research and education
–$25 million over 5 years for organic certification cost sharing
–An organic conversation program, with at least 50% of funding going to farmers transitioning to organic farming.

2) Support the Conservation Stewardship Incentive Program.

3) Oppose the amendment that prevents USDA from advising farmers on the harms of different types of toxic pesticides and promoting safer alternatives like Integrated Pest Management,

4) Support Senator Harkin’s efforts to fund conservation programs, organic agriculture, beginning and minority farmer programs and community food project grants.


Member Staff Phone FAX
Tom Harkin (IA), Chair Mark Halverson 202-224-3254 202-224-9369
Patrick Leahy (VT) Brian Baenig 224-4242 202-224-3479
Kent Conrad (ND) John Fuher 224-2043 202-224-7776
Max Baucus (MT) Brandon Willis 224-2651 202-224-0515
Blanche Lincoln (AR) Robert Holifield 224-4843 202-228-1371
Debbie Stabenow (MI) Chris Adamo 224-4822 202-228-0325
Ben Nelson (NE) Jonathan Coppess 224-6551 202-228-0012
Ken Salazar (CO) Brendan McGuire 224-5852 202-228-5036
Sherrod Brown (OH) Joe Shultz 224-2315 202-228-6321
Robert B. Casey, Jr. (PA) Kasey Gillette 224-6324 202-228-0604
Amy Klobuchar (MN) Hilary Meggin Bolea 224-3244 202-228-2186


Member Staff Phone FAX
Saxby Chambliss (GA) Ranking Member
Martha Scott Poindexter 202-224-3521 202-224-0103
Richard Lugar (IN) Aaron Whitesel 224-4814 202-228-0360
Thad Cochran (MS) West Higginbothom 224-5054 202-228-9450
Mitch McConnell (KY) Allison Thompson 224-2541 202-224-2499
Pat Roberts (KS) Mike Seyfert 224-4774 202-224-3514
Lindsey Graham (SC) Laura Bauld 224-5972 202-224-3808
Norman Coleman (MN) Tony Eberhard 224-5641 202-224-1152
Michael Crapo (ID) Staci Lancaster 224-6142 202-228-1375
John Thune (SD) Brendon Plack 224-2321 202-228-5429
Chuck Grassley (IA) Amanda Taylor 224-3744 202-224-6020


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